Importance of data security in software development

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    • Sasank Thaliyil

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  • Feb. 7, 2019

Data security is becoming a major issue faced by businesses and organisations today. Ensuring that your data is secure is becoming more important day by day and vital to business operations. Due to increased accessibility through various digital devices & its integration, industry analysts predict that hacks and breaches will become more common and attacks will get more severe. Trust, particularly between brands and customers, will become a real casualty as attacks increase.


Software products/ applications that we are developing may not adhere to best practices of information security such as authentication and confidentiality. Most developers won’t take it seriously until data is hacked. While building systems, we need to change our mindset that security is someone else’s responsibility, that we are exempt from risks. And we need to stop thinking that software security is a different career. It needs to be a part of every work we do. So we need to internalize and understand the risks that exist and how to mitigate them. Software security is an essential part of today's software development process which also means more developers need to improve their skills in the cybersecurity field!


Best practices to keep your data secured while building a software/ app:

  1. Understand the sensitivity of the information you will be handling in the system and classify it.
  2. Encryption - Store all the sensitive information encrypted. 
  3. Use secure & established providers for third-party libraries. 
  4. Take authentication more seriously. 
  5. Design database in such a way that, no unnecessary data is fetched in API responses. 
  6. Take training on application security, including endpoint security, network security, and content security.
  7. Build security controls & authorization in each access point based on needs.
  8. Test the platform very well for security violations.


If we follow the necessary steps to ensure data protection and make sure that the API services and database won't be attacked by hackers, we can make systems which are very reliable for businesses & people.