Why Rapid App Development process is good for a startup

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    • Sasank Thaliyil

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  • Feb. 11, 2019

Rapid app development is an agile methodology focused primarily on rapid prototyping of software products, frequently iterating based on customer feedback, and continuously releasing updated versions of the product to test the market.


Rapid App development model consists of 4 steps:

  1. Requirements planning - Making product roadmap, planning what all features are needed immediately to test the customer feedback, dividing it into smaller chunk sprints. 
  2. User application design - Design the part of app needed for that version. 
  3. Rapid development - The next step is to develop & build that set of features with libraries & maximum reusable components. You can use third-party plugins to reduce the effort without building it from scratch. 
  4. Market test & turnover - Make that version live, get customer feedbacks, record them, based on that plan the next version and iterate. 


How rapid application development process can help your startup? 

  • RAD lets you break the project down into small, more manageable versions.
  • Product idea will be validated at the early stages of work.
  • Clients get a working product updated live in a short time frame.
  • You’ll be able to gather feedback from potential users at the earliest stage of product development and tailor product accordingly.
  • Regular communication and constant feedback between team members and stakeholders increases the efficiency of the design and build process.
  • With a shorter planning phase and a focus on highly iterative design and construction, RAD teams are able to accomplish more in less time without sacrificing client satisfaction.
  • Reduce the development time and budget building only what they need. 
  • Seek funding and pitch the concept to investors easily.


Things to take care while implementing a RAD process

  • Do everything from the target customer standpoint.
  • Create a roadmap at the beginning of the process itself.
  • Give your prototype a feel of the finished product.
  • Build reusable elements.


Is Rapid application development right for your product? 

Rapid application development process requires highly skilled developers, more time and can only be implemented on projects which can be splitted into modules. Also, it is not recommended to use if it is difficult to collect user responses because the whole point of rapid application development is to collect user responses and move development forward accordingly.


RAD methodology can be an effective strategy for some projects, but before that, some questions: 

  1. Do you have a knowledgeable and experienced team of developers, coders, and engineers who can dedicate themselves to this ongoing development process? 
  2. The RAD process is intensive and requires everyone in the team to be completely involved and having a helping each other mindset. Is your client open and committed to following this approach?
  3. Is your client willing to commit time to work on this model? 


If this suits well with your product development process & customers, rapid application development can be a good strategy to build your product idea.