Android P - Top 8 Features That would Impact Mobile App Development

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    • Rosemary Rajan

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  • March 4, 2019

Android P, what is P? Let’s check!. Android P means Android Pie is Google’s 9th android operating system. The android developers welcome the new version with a lot of expectations because of its improved features.

The main features of android pie that would impact the mobile app development industry are,

1. Indoor Navigation.
The most noticeable feature of android P is indoor navigation with wifi round trip time. This feature allows users to track a location inside a building with the help of there device GPS functionality. The indoor navigation is helpful for Android developers for the development of indoor navigation applications. By using this feature we can easily develop indoor navigation apps for Malls, hospitals, universities etc.

2. Smart Reply
This is already available in some applications, but now Google extended this feature to all other apps. So users can easily reply notifications with one tap. There is no need to enter into the app. And also add the ability to view images straight from the notification bar. This feature is mainly useful for messaging app developers. Now Gmail and some other apps have this functionality.

3. Slices
Slices allow users to access a functionality outside an application. It’s a simple and big helping one for this busy world. You just need to search the app name in Google's search bar, The required functionality opens in a popup. There is no need to leave the current app. This quick in and out feature now uses many applications.

4. App Timer and Dashboard
Googles this new feature is a time saviour for users. This is an intrusting one, It tracks the phone usage of the user and shows as a chart in the dashboard. We can get the reports of the total time of phone usage, no of times switch off the phone, time spent with each application etc... With the help of app timer, we can set application usage time limit. When the timer reaches the limit it popups a notification. This feature is helpful for improving the productivity, efficient usage of time and best option for Enterprise and Parental control applications.

5. Privacy
In this release, Google gives more consideration for the security of the users. The improved security features restrict the applications running in the background to access camera and mic. If there is no permission from the user to access the device camera, mic etc... it will pop up a system error. This is helpful for developers who gave more consideration for the security of developing an application.

6. Animation
Android P introduces a new class for animation “AnimatedImageDrawable”. Which is a good asset for the developers, because of the support for drawing and displaying GIF and WebP animated images. There are lots of methods available with this class which are useful for image modifications.

7.Autofill Framework
This feature is already available in android 8 onwards, Bt in Android P google reintroduce this feature with some improved functionality. This autofill framework work’s based on some autofill services. This helps to fill out the views with the data previously provided by the users. Developers used this to improve the user experience of the app and minimize user’s time to filling fields and input errors.

8. Support for HEIF image and HDR video
HEIF(Heigh efficiency image file format) is a new image format developed by MPEG group. It supports advanced compression methods, due to that the images retain it’s image quality and creates smaller image files. The build in support for High Dynamic Range(HDR VP9) video and HEIF image support are useful for the developers who develop media related applications.

It looks like in this release google considered all sides of development like media, network, privacy, security, performance etc. So let’s make it best use out of it.