Why people choose Stunntech as their workplace?

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    • Sasank Thaliyil

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  • Dec. 16, 2019

While interviewing new candidates, I don't like to use 'Work for us', but I prefer 'Work with us'. Because we are together a team working on building impactful products in the world. When we try to hire new candidates to work with us, not just about their expertise/ knowledge, we used to ask a lot of questions on the attitude & personality side as well (to make sure the person is culturally fit too). Then after the interview, even if many don't ask, we used to get a question back - Why should I work here? Or basically, why should I work with a small team?


Here are my 5 reasons to choose a company like ours:


  • Responsibilities are more but you learn more too.


Yes. Working here means you are an important member of a small team. The way you approach and solve a problem really matters & will be definitely noticed. While you do that, the process of learning will be enhanced too. Our current team has fewer people so everybody’s role is important.

This leads to being more responsible, reliable, versatile and willing to explore so as to improve. In a big organization, the importance of one team member in a big team might not be that prominent. The empowerment and the authority to make decisions also helps you grow as a person.


  • Loads of opportunities.


We hire people because of skills, but we expect much more based on their potential. Often, it's work outside your job description, so opportunities for learning and growth abound. Here, we all work together; there's no middle management, so you attain new skills while doing various tasks.


In a corporate job, one is stuck in his own task and has fewer chances to branch out into other fields. It is structured but it is monotonous too. Doing different things is definitely exciting.


  • You will be challenged but work will be recognized.


In our company, it is hard to ignore a person who is doing a good job because it is very much visible. If the credit is due, it will certainly be yours. If it is teamwork, the small yet efficient team will be appreciated. However, be careful your mistakes will be noticed too but that will make you get rid of them which means striving for perfection…and that is never a bad thing!

Ask one of our team members how many times they have been recognized for doing a great job & ask someone working in a big corporate job, and you will understand the rest.


  • You’ll be instilled with the value of hard work, ownership, and self-sustainability. 


Maybe more important than any other benefit of working here is the realization that hard work, creative thinking, and ownership are worth a whole lot. Once you’ve created something of your own, you really begin to appreciate ownership.

Working here and spreading the update on a product that you helped build from scratch to a lot of happy customers, instils the value of that ownership and gives you pride in your work. It is this pride, in your team’s hard work, that teaches you the importance of doing something on your own and take risks. 


  • Company culture, live environment & family feeling.


Anyone who is a part of a small team will tell you that he can easily chill out with his team. We mostly work with people who have the zeal and determination to give their best. The excitement of working with people you like will make solving issues easier because you can always walk up to the person and have a one-on-one discussion.


Since the team is small, you will have a chance to get to know your team very personally and create a bond with everyone on the team. Working here is like being part of a close-knit family, where you can actually be yourself. (Let me tell you, we are really like a family).


The joy and pride of building something together from scratch will surely fill you up with positive energy which will not only make you feel good about yourself but also will reward you in the long term when the organization is well-established and steadily growing. We all together share in the birth, growth, and success of the company. Here, you belong to something very special. When the company does well, you will be really proud & get the benefits of valuable contributions you have made.