5 reasons why fun at the workplace should be encouraged

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    • Anshidha M J

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  • June 27, 2019

If fun is not a part of work then work is considered to be drudgery, It’s 2019 for god’s sake! Great work cultures to some companies are still a flying car kind of thing.

Fun is an important part of any great work culture. Fun times at office gives the team a huge lift in their enthusiasm towards work and company, this, in turn, gives the management the result they expect from their human resources. Here are five reasons why fun at the workplace should be encouraged.




1. Having fun improves teamwork

Doing activities or games in a team build communication and collaboration between the team members. This would help them to know each other better and work together efficiently. People come to know about their colleagues' emotions that would help them to connect well.


2. Fun increases creativity

When people are engaged in fun activities their mind opens up to create new solutions to current problems. Creativity leads to an innovative work culture that contributes to the growth of a company. Creativity can be brought out of people by making them participate in challenging fun activities.


3. Fun results in Sound mental health

Employees who have fun at work are more content with their work. This makes them happy with their work-life and spread positivity to their surrounding environment. Having sound mental health reduces common problems like absenteeism in the workplace.


4. Alas, Fun makes the team more productive!

Happier employees are more productive than the ones who are not. People lose their motivation to work when they are not happy with the work culture. This causes absenteeism or in the worst case make them quit the job itself! People at work need a break to interact and have some quality time with other people since the social need is an important need according to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs for motivation.


5. Strong advocates are built in a fun-filled culture

Happy and satisfied employees who share their positive work experiences to people within and outside the organization act as strong advocates for a company. They are an organization’s most valuable assets and such people are a result of fun-filled workplace culture.