What is new in Android Q?

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    • Rosemary Rajan

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  • Aug. 1, 2019

The whole android development world and every Android fan are waiting for the next stable release of android, ANDROID Q. The more exciting question is what ‘Q’ stands for, since Google hasn't revealed anything about its name yet. Now Q is in its development stage, Google releases a preview version or beta version for android lovers and developers. Let’s check what is inside Android Q.


1. Dark Theme Support


Android q support system-wide dark theme mode support. The dark theme mode not only affect the android system UI, but it also affects the entire applications installed on the mobile. The main benefits of dark theme are reduced battery consumption, ease for using mobiles in low light environment and suitability for people with low vision problems.


2. Gesture Navigation


In Q, google introduces full system-wide gesture navigation support instead of navigation buttons. While currently, we use the navigation bar for back, home, recent apps, etc, Android Q lets its users swipe up, swipe left or right. This feature was already available in iPhone and some custom android phones.


3. Screen Recording


We are using some third-party applications for on-screen recording till now but in q, we will be having an on-screen recording feature.


4. Wifi hotspot sharing


Q makes sharing wifi details a lot easier. The new wifi hotspot sharing via QR code feature helps us easily share of our wifi credentials with others. It also adds security to our wifi since the password is never actually revealed.


5. More control on permissions


This time Google comes up with more control over application permissions. The main change is in location permission, which introduces a new option ‘only in use’ along with ‘allow’ and ‘deny’ options. Selecting ‘Only in use’ would mean that the application can only access the user’s location when they are inside the application.


6. Desktop support


The desktop support is completely new in android. By the help of this feature, we can simply access our very mobile screens through the Desktop. This is a piece of happy news for desktop lovers. Now users can access their mobiles through large screens with more clarity if they wish.


7. Freeform mode support


The freeform mode is similar to chat bubbles in messenger, which make multitasking easier. When the user closes an app, it would appear like a floating chat bubble. The user can move those bubbles around and the app screens, when opened would also appear in a free-floating mode.


Google also try to make the digital well-being, face recognition, Notification settings and Theming features more efficient. Some of the above-mentioned features are already available in some custom android mobiles but google officially announces these features in Android Q. We can expect the stable version in the last of August.