NodeJS vs Python

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    • Anshidha M J

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  • April 13, 2021

If python is a strong language then why do people still use NodeJS?


Python is an ideal language for scripting because it is a high level, object-oriented, dynamic and multipurpose programming language. For doing multiple things like integration with back-end applications web applications, numerical computations, network programming, and machine learning Python is an ideal platform. 


Python still being a great option for backend developers(whew!! fewer code writings!) then why does NodeJS don’t go out of Python’s league?


Let’s look at the 5 points why people choose NodeJS over Python:


  1. The development process will be fast in Node.js this is the reason why Paypal switched to build their app in NodeJS. Python code is executed line by line and makes its execution slow.

  2. Python is suited more for developing larger projects but for small projects that require less amount of scripting to enable functionality, NodeJS is a great option

  3. To deal with real-time web applications like messaging services based application NodeJS is a more ideal platform than python.

  4. Unlike Python, NodeJS is simple for developers to learn since it uses pure JavaScript. Probably this is the reason why with 49.9% NodeJS tops the list of most popular frameworks.

  5. Node is recommended for memory-intensive purposes while Python is not. Python is suitable for web apps, numerical computations, machine learning, network programming purposes.


For web app development, both NodeJS and Python are popular options among software developers. Node is a great platform to build real-time applications like chatting and messaging applications that are single-page applications, real-time applications & streaming applications. Python works well for Scientific & numeric applications, data-intensive applications. Your choice must depend on the type of the application so you can’t always say NodeJS is the better option or Python.