Why a Progressive Web App could be what your business needs?

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    • Sasank Thaliyil

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  • April 29, 2020

A Progressive Web App is a web app that delivers an app-like experience to users by using modern web capabilities. It isn’t a new framework or technology. It is a set of best practices to make a website/ web application function similar to a native mobile app.


Top capabilities of PWA:

  • Speed of application
  • No need to install an app - so works on literally all devices
  • Native app like user experience
  • Enhanced app security through HTTPS so unauthorised users can’t access the app content 
  • Offline usage - Live push notifications like in mobile apps


So here are the benefits of making a PWA against building a fully functional Android App: 

Cost-effective - For an app publisher, the most significant advantage is the cost-saving in terms of app development and maintenance.

Cross-platform - We don't have to make separate versions of the app for Android and iOS. It works on all - same code. 

Reliable - Instantly loads even in poor network conditions. PWAs use less data than regular mobile apps, so they first took off in emerging markets that suffer from poor internet connectivity.

Fast - Quick responses to user interactions with smooth animations and scrolling.

User-friendly - Engaging and feel like a native app on the device, with full-screen and an immersive user experience that allows them to earn a place on the user’s home screen. 


Here are some famous businesses that applied Progressive Web App to their online platforms




So what type of apps are PWA best for?


Today, there are three types of apps for users:

* Daily using apps like Browser, Gmail, Facebook, WhatsApp.

* Occasional use apps such as food delivery, online booking, banking apps etc.

* Rarely used apps such as subscription apps, bill payments, etc.

For the second and third categories, a Progressive Web App usually works well. It is difficult for them to get users to download the app from the App Store and keep it on their phone.


So if you are into

- Bookings and subscription business

- Online delivery services

- E-commerce store

- Media and content delivery site

- Social media platform

it might be time to re-think about your digital strategy and decide whether to build a progressive web app to run your online business. PWA will reduce the coming of native apps in the future and it has the potential to change the concept of how we consume apps and create a shift in the way the internet and modern browsers work.