Why use React Native for App Development in 2020

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    • Sumayya T A

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  • July 10, 2020

In today's context, the mobile app is something that is inevitable in our lives. So most people are thinking of switching to the mobile app concept. We already have a huge number of mobile apps available in the Play Store as well as App Store.

Before we download an app that suits our needs from the play store or the app store, we will look at the factors such as how easy it is to use, its security and its design.



If you are looking to create an app for one of your needs, you can decide which type of app you are going to be creating. There are three basic types of apps if we categorize them by the technology used, they are

  1. Web apps
  2. Native mobile apps
  3. Hybrid apps


Web apps: Web apps are similar to websites and are accessed through a web browser, not like an app installed on the phone.

Native mobile apps: These are the apps created for one specific platform or operating system.

Hybrid apps: Hybrid apps are created as one and can be run on multiple platforms.


Why React Native?


React Native is a facebook developed open source framework that lets you create native mobile apps using the javascript programming language. We can develop apps easily for every operating system. That is, we can create app for IOS and Android with a single code.


Top apps using React Native:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Walmart 
  • Uber Eats
  • Tesla
  • Skype


Why use React Native for app development in 2020?

React has seen widespread adoption. Developers have moved into React Native for a number of reasons. As it's lightweight, and renders impressive performance, especially for quickly changing data. It also encourages naturally writing more modular, reusable code because of its component structure.

In the past, when creating a mobile application, you had to hire people on two platforms. That is, for IOS and Android. When it comes to creating an app, working on both platforms can cost a company a lot of money. When it came to this, the concept of a code for both platforms was noticed. For this purpose, the cross platform concept was introduced. With this came a milestone in the mobile app development industry.

React Native is one of the best cross platform app development technology used by a wide range of developers around the world.



  • Development speed and cost

React-native is one of the most cost-effective frameworks present in the market. If you are on  a tight budget, and want to build an app, then react-native is the best option. We can reuse and rebuild the components that we built before.


  • Great user experience

We can create an app that has great user experience design with high performance.


  • Once build, works every platform

With react native, we can build apps for Android, IOS  and Windows.


  • Maintenance cost

If you have any maintenance in the app, you have to manage only one codebase.


  • Great debugging tools

Developers can simply debug the code. It helps the developers to focus on the errors where they are.


  • Changes preview 

We can get all the changes preview after every change made. Just press ctrl + R to get the changes.


  • Easy to get help from a large community of developers


We have a huge number of developers available to help us when we get stuck on some errors. There is one platform GitHub React Native Community, which encourages the developers to share their experiences whenever they learn something new about the React Native.


  • Code reusability 

Developers can reuse the code for any platform. This will cut down the cost and time that is needed to develop an application.


  • Live reloading feature 

When the developer has made the changes, the file reads and compiles at a time. It also helps the simulator to read the file at the beginning.


  • Smoother and faster UI 

React Native offers a simplified mobile user interface.  Also, it offers a more responsive UI design and reduces the loading time as well.


  • Easy to transform web projects into mobile apps 

In React Native framework, one code can be reused as many times as required. The entire design is very intuitive and even the developers who aren't involved in the project will also understand the program with ease.


  • Large number of third party plugins available 

A huge number of open-source libraries available to ease your work.



No matter what the business is, the goal is to get more output from less time and less cost. If you have a plan to develop a mobile app, React Native is the best choice to develop the app. It enables you to build mobile apps for both Android and IOS. They can work on any device and still use one single code base. It has huge options for designs and has faster UI. So React-Native is definitely a good choice for custom app development.