How to build the Right Content Strategy for your App?

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    • Sasank Thaliyil

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  • Aug. 10, 2018

To have a successful app in today’s digital era, it’s as important as having a simple design to have attractive content. 


Some Facts: 

60% of people go through apps in smartphones & they tend to switch apps if what they read seems boring. 

People don’t have enough time. If they don’t feel the app’s content is striking enough in the first few seconds, they always have other alternatives. That’s why 60 words news providers like Inshorts is successful here. 


So, how do you create a successful mobile-optimized content strategy?


1. Create Longer Content

Today, it is not enough to quickly write-up a 500-word article and hope to attract traffic to your website. Since longer content has greater potential to discuss any given subject matter in depth, it is likely to be read more and possibly shared more across social networking sites as well.

Google recently updated its search algorithm to include ‘content quality’ also as a metric to rank websites. The more relevant and well-written the article, the more likely it is to be read by the audience.

Even though longer content will allow better use of SEO, you still need more compact articles with plenty of useful information packed into a small space. Regardless of how long the article is, the first two paragraphs keep the reader in. This portion of your content is especially important in a mobile environment where attention tends to be of shorter span and readers click away if not interesting.


2. Think Mobile

In 2017, there were more online searches taking place through a mobile device than ever before. More Google searches and clicks took place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries which included the United States and Japan. When designing the look of your web application/ website, it is as important to think how it will look on a phone, not just on a laptop or desktop. If the content is not optimized for mobile, your audience is gone away. 


3. Know Your Reader

To create a truly successful mobile content strategy, it’s important to know your audience. Few points to consider regarding audience behaviour are:

  • Where does your audience spend the most time when they are online? 
  • Which social media platforms are most popular among your target audience?
  • Do they access the internet using smartphones?
  • What percentage of total audience access to your website comes through mobile devices?
  • How popular is visual content (video/ infographics/ photos)?
  • Which type of content is the most shared?
  • Which type gets the most audience engagement?

These are just a few questions to ask when trying to know your audience in order to create a great mobile content strategy. Understanding what your audience prefers doing online will allow you to tailor content based on their interests.

An important point to note is that when you are creating content meant to increase audience engagement, don’t tailor content to fit your marketing objectives. Instead, create great content first and then think of creative ways to modify it to fit your marketing objectives.


4. Pick the right type of content for your audience

Different type of content works with different businesses. Although E-commerce sites have a greater chance of success with offers, quizzes and contests, white papers, Testimonials and case studies are better suited to B2B marketers.


Being able to efficiently re-purpose content across various marketing channels is a skill you need to have a good content strategy. Switching content between newsletters, social media, e-books or a blog post will make sure you get the most exposure for any piece of content.


Acceptance & Credibility of good video is getting huge these days, so using video content is another option if you want to convey your message quickly on a mobile app, allowing your readers to make more efficient use of their time. Other visual contents such as infographics, images & interactive animations also are good options to connect with your audience. 


5. Better Metrics & Better Formatting

To figure out which content is doing well with your audience, you need to look at a number of factors. Instead of focusing solely on the number of likes and shares your published content generates, try to focus on more substantial goals such as:

  • Higher conversion rates from visitors on landing pages.
  • Lower bounce rate.


6. Don’t ignore Keyword Research

Any good SEO campaign will be able to provide you with quality keyword research early in your campaign, they can even provide you with recommendations for keywords you want to naturally include within text on specific pages. 


It’s also important to remember the differences in culture when writing content for international websites. And make sure you include important keywords like product name, niche or brand name in your title tags and H1s, fill out your alt tag information correctly. 


7. Smart content

Smart content means having only the necessary content to read arranging them easy to read. 

Eg: 1) Make important points in bullets. 

      2) Have necessary white-space and making long paragraphs into short mini-paragraphs of 2-3 sentences each. 

      3) Use hyperlink to make them read about some points in detail on a separate page. 

      4) Prioritize content to be shown on desktop & mobile and hide less-important content on mobile if possible, making their experience on mobile streamlined.


The bottom line is to have your content optimized for all targeted reader, devices, your business type and of course the internet. Knowing your audience is only one part and optimizing content based on the audience is the solution. Make sure it works well across different devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops also. Finding the right mix of SEO, the quality of content, and easiness to read & understand will bring the perfect content strategy to you!