Achieving sustainable fashion with technology

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    • Anith Sreekumar

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  • April 6, 2021

People always like to contribute towards future generations, whether it is passing valuable information or making it a better place to live. One of the greatest revolutions that happened in the 21st century was when people started collectively thinking about sustainable fashion concepts. The existing brands were the first ones to notice this change in the mentality of their consumers. So they adopted the concepts of sustainability. Taglines and ads were raised speaking loudly about how they adore sustainability. But, do they all really believe in the concept or is this just another piece of the neverending strategies of marketing? Stats show that in 2020, an estimated 18.6 million tonnes of clothes ended up in landfills. The lack of knowledge on the different ways that we can work towards sustainable fashion is the main reason for underachieving it.


What is sustainable fashion? In general, sustainability in fashion refers to the ability to meet our present needs, without compromising on long-term priorities. It is the intersection of socio-economic, cultural and environmental growth while ensuring the future generations will be able to meet their needs. Now the big question is, how can we make use of technology to achieve sustainable fashion?


There are many brands and startups that are working towards sustainability in fashion. But out of the $606 Billion e-commerce fashion industry alone, their market share will be limited to mere decimals. The lack of spending power in marketing has slowed down their growth. Thanks to technology, people all over the world are now connected. We should make use of the same technology to connect sustainable fashion brands to their customers. Instagram has provided a great platform to showcase sustainable fashion products. Many sustainable fashion brands have set up Instagram pages and are providing great content and products. Sharing their products among your community and buying them occasionally will fuel their growth. Invest in their growth by contributing through online crowdfunding platforms.


Rental platforms were not so popular across the fashion industry. But due to the rising trend of reusing clothes to promote sustainable fashion, many startups have provided great means of renting out our unwanted garments by setting up fashion rental marketplaces. With the help of a good rental marketplace, you can always rent out occasionally used garments which will, in turn, reduce the production and environmental cost it bears. Try buying from them even if you are not comfortable using them like amazon or eBay. Try their websites for purchasing so that they are not looted on commissions. As consumers, it is our responsibility to work towards sustainability by being careful in what we buy.



As an IT service provider, Stunntech was fortunate to work with some startups that are working towards the idea of sustainable fashion. One of our clients helps to improve compliance with social and environmental standards by educating the workforce in the Asian garment industry by means of an interactive, gamified learning app which we developed. Our other clients, which are startups based in London and Berlin respectively, work towards maximising the reuse of clothing by providing an easy rental platform for everyone to use. By working closely with them in the development of their software products, we are also becoming a part of the sustainable fashion revolution with the help of technology. 


The next big question is how every individual can contribute to the concept. First of all, think twice before buying anything new. Of Course, sustainability does not mean suppressing our desires. Try to lend if the garment is meant for occasions. Swap clothes with someone you know. If you really need something new, buy locally produced, biodegradable fabrics which have little to no adverse effects on the environment. So these fabrics can eventually return to the ecosystem, once you are done wearing them.


Another important thing towards sustainability is sharing your knowledge with others and gifting them these products. You can always promote a small business or sustainable brand on Instagram or other social media, show them your support. Try their own websites for purchasing. You can always find a sustainable brand by searching “sustainablefashion” tags on Instagram or Twitter. Be a part of the community. Follow what people from all over the world think about sustainable fashion by joining communities. Pass your ideas too. Be a part of the revolution. Always remember, even big waves start with small ripples.