How to choose whether to have a Mobile First Strategy or not?

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    • Sasank Thaliyil

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  • Aug. 23, 2018

When I talk with founders these days on building their digital platforms, a dilemma that most of them faces is a mobile-first strategy or not. ie, they are not sure whether to go with ‘a simple responsive website/ web app initially’ or ‘Start with a native/ cross-platform mobile app’ or both.

This is a situation that every business transforming into digital needs to figure out, so I thought I would point out some of my thoughts. 

Whether to implement a Mobile First Strategy or not depends on 4 Factors:- 

  1. Your service offering needs a lot of research & reading - Every customer might not prefer using it in Mobile (like a content writing platform).
  2. Define your customer journey - Can you make it hassle-free for the customer to use your platform even without Login or Registration OR login using social media on a tap? Do they need to go through some external references to actually provide inputs on your app? Does your app needs live updates, push notifications, and use on the go? Does your platform always need Camera & Microphone to interact? (Eg: Snapchat) Does your customer use your app every day, every week, or once in a while?
  3. Target Audience - Is it an enterprise or B2B app? Is your target audience the very busy working class? Are you targeting kids/ teenagers? Are you targeting the ones who got retired from the job?
  4. Decide whether it needs to be ‘Only on Mobile’ or ‘Only on Web’ - If it is a platform like Snapchat, Uber or Instagram - It should be Mobile only or Mobile First. If its something like Microsoft Powerpoint, a browser plugin or a compliance reporting tool, it needs to be Desktop First or Desktop only.

Hope this helps, think again whether to build website only, mobile app only, cross-platform app, or all together!