8 online strategies to build brand awareness by yourself

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    • Sasank Thaliyil

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  • Sept. 27, 2018

Here you go:

  1. Social Media — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.

  • Fine-Tune Your Social Profiles.
  • Harness the Power of Hashtags.
  • Experiment with Your Captions.
  • Social Media for Teaching too.
  • Be consistent to post on your social media.


  2. Content-rich blog on your website.

  • Good unique blog posts drive search engine traffic to your website.
  • Check out the search tags people usually search to get your platform & your competitors and use them.
  • It highly increases your SEO.
  • It brings more credibility and positions your brand as a leader.
  • Don’t just blog, blog to solve a problem or teach the audience something.
  • It develops better engagements and customer relationships.


  3. Upload videos on Youtube.

Youtube is a medium which brings an Image of Authority and Trust. A video is probably more engaging and it conveys the idea faster than the older media forms. It also boosts Search Engine Rankings. And if you make it different, your content goes viral :)


  4. Referral Programs/ Promotional offers.

It attracts customers, builds growth in revenue, increased value perception, retention, loyalty, saves money in sales.


  5. Guest Blogging.

Guest blogging has advantages similar to blogging and video uploads, but it brings more exposure if blogged by an influencer in your domain. It improves your network widely and helps a lot in brand awareness. There is a chance that you get more followers through a guest post on your blog by a credible influencer.


  6. Go to networking events and introduce your product.

There is a chance you always try out a product someone introduced you really well in the last networking event. If you love using it, you are gonna continue! Right?


  7. Offer Freebies.

Consumers love freebies, especially if it helps them get more results, they will stick with you.

The rise of social media has made chances of reaching to a large audience very high, which directly excels in word of mouth marketing and follower acquisition. And you know that the cost to offer something free might always be less than user acquisition costs through paid marketing & sales campaigns.


  8. PPC Campaigns.

PPC campaigns don’t always work for sales, but it works well for Brand awareness. You can reach out to people and get them to know about your product, if they are interested you can probably make them into your followers funnel.


I am keen to learn more about these. Write your thoughts to me at sasank@stunntech.com