Python Django Freelancer

We need a dashboard to be built in Python Django - PostgreSQL with multi-tenancy.There will be a set of users for which authorization has to be set.

  • There will be Admin’s adding hospitals and doctors.
  • Doctors will be adding patient data, reports, and some values related to patient health.
  • We need to store all the data and based on which to create some analysis using some mathematic algorithms (Like aggregate of some values, most probable answers, health score based on certain criteria etc).
  • In future, predictions will also be there, but not included in the current scope.
  • Basically, there will be around 6-7 screens. The frontend will be done in Angular by our team.
  • You have to do the backend setup, database, multi-tenancy, user authentication & authorization and around 12 APIs for inserting hospitals, doctors, patient data and generating the data for the reports.

We will need at-least 25-30 hours of work. And weekly delivery of tasks.