Online rental platform

  • Aug. 3, 2020

Our online solutions work with local businesses or marketplaces to showcase & provide products for rent. 


Default features:

  • Products showcase.

  • Registration and Login.

  • Setup profile.


As an Owner

  • The owner can add new products to the platform from a list of selected Brands, Colours, Size, available rental dates, price per 1day, week or month and the owner can choose condition of product, enter the original price of the product and the platform will calculate a rental price suggestion, which the owner can customize.

  • Product owner can package multiple products and rent together

  • See all the products that the owner has uploaded till date.

  • Edit or remove uploaded products. (Announce offers)

  • Share products on social media platforms(Instagram, Facebook). full sharing functionality, in text messages, etc.

  • Set availability dates or block dates which you are closed in a calendar. (holiday function)

  • See all the orders for his/her products.

  • E-mail reminder for shipping.

  • Once the rental is returned, the owner can review the customer.

  • Is able to cancel or confirm order. Receive emails to inform about pending confirmation of rental inquiry.

  • Be able to report damages.


As a User

  • See all the products for rent: Users can see fashion items for rent in their feed, filter products by categories, location, customer ratings and price range, size, colour, brand etc. and search.(cookie policies)

  • Share liked products on social media.

  • "Like" and save products to rent or watch later.

  • Add and remove to cart.

  • Place Order and receive an email confirmation.

  • Overview all orders

  • User must be able to cancel her booking If the owner hasn't already accepted the booking and/or shipped the product.

  • Postal delivery – the tracking is not done through the site (lenders are doing it manually for now), but that’s why we need confirmation buttons (sent & received and file issue).

  • Provide rating & reviews for products they rented so that owner gets feedback & users can see reviews and book for rent > E-mail reminder for rating notification.

  • Be able to report damages.

  • Add insurance option.



  • The admin should be able to curate content and create posts (like a blog) on the site and should be able to re-categorize products.

  • Support point to manage customer queries.

  • Should be able to delete profiles (in case of mishandling) and products which are don’t confirm with the platform guidelines.



Our online rental solutions are ideal for: 

  • Clothing rental stores

  • Wedding accessories rental

  • Gym equipment rental

  • Automobiles rental

  • Books/ online libraries

  • Travel equipment/ accessories rental