Online rental platform

  • Aug. 19, 2020

Want to build a smart Online Rental Platform?


We are a dynamic team of developers, designers, and business strategists who are passionate about building high quality customized rental apps that run smoothly and efficiently.

Our online solutions work with local businesses or marketplaces to showcase & provide products for rent. 



Advanced features


  1. Social media integration & social sharing to improve reach

  2. Customizable product categories & filters to easily find what you want

  3. Online payment gateway to accept all type of currencies

  4. Admin panel to track products easily

  5. Intelligent reports for admin to know user trends

  6. Availability Calendar/ Holiday mode



Why build an online a rental platform now?


  1. More sales value & reduced operations cost

  2. Scale easily to the global market

  3. Track payments & order status easily

  4. Easy, safe & more preferred especially in a post COVID era


Our online rental solutions are ideal for: 


  • Clothing rental stores

  • Wedding accessories rental

  • Gym equipment rental

  • Automobiles rental

  • Books/ online libraries

  • Travel equipment/ accessories rental


For best online rental shop and marketplace solutions, get in touch with Stunntech solutions for a FREE consultation regarding online marketplace setup. We provide the best software solutions with our uncanny expertise in the field of building smart and efficient online rental solutions.